Monday, March 28, 2011

A few more things about Mr. Merlin

**UPDATE: Merlin has been ADOPTED!**

As he stays with us longer and his health improves, we are getting to know this guy better and better. One thing I cannot emphasize enough is how much he loves his walks. As soon as I get near his leash, he will run over towards the door and get all bouncy and happy and he's even learned how to navigate his way down the three steps in the lobby like a total pro. Seriously, you'd almost have no idea that his vision is impaired. I think that it will be really important for him to go to a home where his new family is committed to keeping up his walk schedule because it will reinforce his housebreaking (I'd say he is 99% housebroken) and he just gets so much joy from it that keeping him indoors all the time would make him very sad.

While his healthy is still improving, he is spending less and less time napping but does still enjoy some quality couch time and can be quite the sleepyhead. That said, as soon as he hears a sound in the kitchen or anyone at the door, he is up and away to check out what is going on and loves to get some playtime in with the dogs as well as his foster humans.

More than anything I just want to emphasize that he is a normal dog who just happens to need insulin twice a day. He is a typical terrier, intelligent and curious, who already knows basic commands plus will give you paw and even stand up on his legs for a treat or to be picked up. He can get a little grumpy when people when people try to take away his rawhides or when he is caught off-guard but I'm sure that this will go away as he learns that people are his friends and can be trusted. It just means that he'll needs lots of positive reinforcement and (the occasional) diabetic-friendly dog treat to help him along the way.

Guest Post: Peety Pants!

Hi guys! I’m Peety Pants, another one of the Waggytail Rescues looking for a home. My buddy Merlin told me about his blog and I thought it would be a great way for me to introduce myself and maybe find my forever home.


I am a totally cool and fun two year-old Chihuahua looking for a place that I can call my very own. The humans say I’m a little bit of a overweight (I currently weigh 9 pounds) and could stand to lose a few pounds, but a boy can’t help it if he likes treats…right? After all, it doesn’t slow me down, not even a little bit and I love, love,  love to play with humans AND other dogs. It would be great to go to a home where I have a friend to play with. Not to brag or anything, but I am also super smart and would be really easy to train. Heck, I bet you could have me doing tricks in no time.


Sure, I can be a little barky when I first meet someone new and I am a little nervous around strangers, but once I get to know you, I am all love. (It also doesn’t hurt if you have a tasty treat or two to warm your way into my heart!) Even though I love to run around and play, I am also a pretty chill dude. I love to snuggle and love to sleep on my back – this way I’m always ready for belly scratches!


Okay, so I don’t like to go potty outside, but can you really blame me? Before I came here, I had never been walked! I am sure that it is something that I can learn though and in the meantime, I do use the wee wee pads like a good boy.

Overall, I’d say I’m a fun lovin’, sassy little guy…a typical Chihuahua. All I want is a place that I can call home and some dog and human friends to play with and love. If you are interested in adopting me, please check out Waggytail Rescue for more information.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Look at this handsome boy!

**UPDATE: Merlin has been ADOPTED!**

Well, it has been one week since Merlin came to hang out with us and I have to say, the scruffy little man is making some real progress. He is on a new food that seems to agree with his tummy a lot more and while both he and Maximus have a case of kennel cough, he is really beginning to shine.


No more scared little pup here! He is always exploring and wants to be in the middle of things, especially when food or a walk are involved.

He also has no problem hopping up on the couch next to his smushy-faced friend anymore. These two have quickly become fast friends and I think that Merlin would definitely do best in a home where there is another dog to spend his time with when people aren’t home.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Merlin’s big weekend

**UPDATE: Merlin has been ADOPTED!**

Ross and I had made plans months ago to be down in DC this weekend, so Mr. Merlin went and spend the weekend with another one of the fabulous Waggytail Fosters, Ryan, who so kind as to not take issue with us dropping him off at some ungodly hour of the morning on Saturday and picking him up late last night.  What can I say, we didn’t want to be without our foster baby!

She took wonderful care of him, spoiling him rotten during his whirlwind visit, and he is doing leaps and bounds better everyday. More and more of his fur is growing in and he is slowly but surely putting on some weight. Now all the awesome little guy needs is a permanent place to call home!

Today we have a busy day ahead of us. We’ll go to the pet store later today to see if we can’t maybe find him a better fitting harness and this afternoon we’ll be going to see Dr. G at Cooper Square Vet Hospital for a blood glucose test.

In the meantime, he has done a good job of making himself comfortable here.


While his favorite place to sleep is right up against his humans, when that isn’t possible he is quite fond of curling up in his bed.

That said, he really does prefer to be with people and a spot right next to you on the couch is always appreciated. (As to  why we have a black couch when we own two light-colored, high-shedding dogs of our own, well, that is why throw blankets exist!)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Merlin has arrived!

**UPDATE: Merlin has been ADOPTED!**

Good evening everyone! It has been a busy night here at the Chateau de Fluffies as we welcomed Merlin into our home. Actually, it was pretty uneventful. Maximus and Rhea love other dogs and Merlin is so, so easy. Dr. G at Cooper Square Vet Hospital showed us how to give the insulin and while I was a little more timid that I expected to be (I am NOT a squeamish person by any means, nor is this an ick-inducing activity), Ross has it down and will show me the ropes.


More fluffies = more happies! Seriously though, Merlin was born to snuggle. Once he was certain that I was done preparing food, he hopped up on the couch and has been there ever since.


Yup, he is going to be just fine! He is definitely a little on the thin side but it is nothing that a few square meals won’t help resolve and while he may have a bit of trouble seeing, he surely doesn’t let it stand in his way. He has already found his way around and even played with Maximus for a little bit! I can tell that the two of them are going to get along great.

Merlin says thanks!

**UPDATE: Merlin has been ADOPTED!**

Merlin just wanted to say thank you to his friends, Amory and Piglet, for their help! Every little bit counts when we are helping these dogs find a new home.

Amory and Penelope hard at work

Piglet fast asleep with her favorite toy

Piglet was a Miniature Pinscher who, llike Merlin, had diabetes and was very much loved by her two daddies. Even though she had diabetes and needed daily insulin, she was a sweet princess with an amazing spirit and big personality.She passed away very recently and her dads miss her very much and they want to use this as an opportunity to let people know that just because a dog has a condition like diabetes that may seem like a disability, it never actually slows them down. They are just as happy and spirited as a perfectly healthy dog. Both Merlin and Piglet want potential adopters to not worry about the idea of giving insulin to a dog, but rather see it as a chance to be needed by an animal and to be given 100% love and loyalty in return.

If you are also interested in helping Merlin, please visit Waggytail Rescue for more information.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Meet Merlin: Our First Fluffy!

**UPDATE: Merlin has been ADOPTED!**

Hi everyone! I hope that daylight saving didn’t ruin your weekend. I know that I always get a little grumpy when I lost an hour of sleep. Fortunately, this morning I was too happy to really be too bothered by it because in just a few days, we will be welcoming our first foster fluffy.

Meet Merlin! This little man was found as a stray and originally thought to be about nine years old, though after a few days of TLC at the vet’s office, they think that he is probably closer to six to eight years old. It is amazing what a little bit of love and attention will do for a dog! He was just a little worn down and weary from neglect but has perked up into a tail-waggin’, happy little dude.

(Special thanks to Cooper Square Vet Hospital for the quick diagnosis, which definitely saved the little guy!)



Merlin does have diabetes, which requires twice-a-day insulin injections which are easy enough to manage. With proper care, he will live a long, happy and health life, just like any other dog. He does have a bit of a hard time seeing, most likely from not getting the care that he needed and deserved. but according to the vet that has also improved a bit.

We were supposed to bring him home tomorrow, so I went out and got a few extra things to make his stay with us extra cozy. Maximus decided to try out the bed to make sure it was up to par.


While it was a little small for his liking, he thinks it will serve our smaller guests just fine! Until they get here though, he will be happy to keep it warm.

The vet says that we  probably won’t be able to take him home until Tuesday or Wednesday, since they just want to make sure that he is a-okay before he is released, but we are so excited to share our home with Merlin until we find him a family that will love him for forever. I will continue to post updates here on how he is settling in.

Of course, if you or anyone you know is interested in adopting Merlin, please be sure to visit the Waggytail Rescue for adoption information.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Welcome to Our Foster Fluffies

Hi there and welcome to Our Foster Fluffies. I have started this site as a way to get out more information about the wonderful dogs that we will be fostering through Waggytail Rescue. Currently, I live with my wonderful puppy-loving boyfriend and our two fabulous dogs who are NOT available for adoption.

Ross and Rhea, our Spaniel mix

Maximus, our lovely snuggle monster

While we adore our dogs, we have ability to share our home and we decided that fostering was the way to go. I have volunteered at animal shelters before and I know how upsetting that sort of an environment can be for a dog that has already lost its home. Fostering allows us to provide a stable, consistent environment for the dog and providing them with attention and affection that would be hard to come by in a large shelter. It is also a great way to get to know a dog and be able to give valuable insight to potential adopters before the dog goes to their forever home.

Our first foster will be arriving on Monday and we are so excited. We have all sorts of extra stuff on hand, as both Maximus and Rhea are spoiled rotten, so I think the only thing I will need to pick up for the little guy is a water bowl. A house full of dogs is a happy home for sure and a post on the new addition will be coming very soon, so stay tuned. We hope you'll enjoy this journey as we help dogs find their forever homes!