Sunday, March 13, 2011

Meet Merlin: Our First Fluffy!

**UPDATE: Merlin has been ADOPTED!**

Hi everyone! I hope that daylight saving didn’t ruin your weekend. I know that I always get a little grumpy when I lost an hour of sleep. Fortunately, this morning I was too happy to really be too bothered by it because in just a few days, we will be welcoming our first foster fluffy.

Meet Merlin! This little man was found as a stray and originally thought to be about nine years old, though after a few days of TLC at the vet’s office, they think that he is probably closer to six to eight years old. It is amazing what a little bit of love and attention will do for a dog! He was just a little worn down and weary from neglect but has perked up into a tail-waggin’, happy little dude.

(Special thanks to Cooper Square Vet Hospital for the quick diagnosis, which definitely saved the little guy!)



Merlin does have diabetes, which requires twice-a-day insulin injections which are easy enough to manage. With proper care, he will live a long, happy and health life, just like any other dog. He does have a bit of a hard time seeing, most likely from not getting the care that he needed and deserved. but according to the vet that has also improved a bit.

We were supposed to bring him home tomorrow, so I went out and got a few extra things to make his stay with us extra cozy. Maximus decided to try out the bed to make sure it was up to par.


While it was a little small for his liking, he thinks it will serve our smaller guests just fine! Until they get here though, he will be happy to keep it warm.

The vet says that we  probably won’t be able to take him home until Tuesday or Wednesday, since they just want to make sure that he is a-okay before he is released, but we are so excited to share our home with Merlin until we find him a family that will love him for forever. I will continue to post updates here on how he is settling in.

Of course, if you or anyone you know is interested in adopting Merlin, please be sure to visit the Waggytail Rescue for adoption information.

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