Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Merlin says thanks!

**UPDATE: Merlin has been ADOPTED!**

Merlin just wanted to say thank you to his friends, Amory and Piglet, for their help! Every little bit counts when we are helping these dogs find a new home.

Amory and Penelope hard at work

Piglet fast asleep with her favorite toy

Piglet was a Miniature Pinscher who, llike Merlin, had diabetes and was very much loved by her two daddies. Even though she had diabetes and needed daily insulin, she was a sweet princess with an amazing spirit and big personality.She passed away very recently and her dads miss her very much and they want to use this as an opportunity to let people know that just because a dog has a condition like diabetes that may seem like a disability, it never actually slows them down. They are just as happy and spirited as a perfectly healthy dog. Both Merlin and Piglet want potential adopters to not worry about the idea of giving insulin to a dog, but rather see it as a chance to be needed by an animal and to be given 100% love and loyalty in return.

If you are also interested in helping Merlin, please visit Waggytail Rescue for more information.

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