Friday, May 13, 2011

Guest Post: Zoe's surgery was a success!

Zoe had her surgery to remove the growths on her belly and it went very well thanks to Riverside Animal Hosptial, who performed the procedure. Now this lovely little lady will now be able to enjoy life without the severe discomfort that these masses must have been causing her.

Zoe immediately post surgery. Those were some big lumps that had to be removed!

Resting after a tough day, but I'll feel so much better now!
This tiny four pound girl now has a second chance at life that she never would have gotten without Waggytail Rescue. Zoe's urgery costs came in at over $1,600 for this procedure and that comes straight from Waggy. Of course, we can't afford to fund these life changing surgeries without a little help from our friends. Waggytail Rescue depends on donations to help us help animals. For more information on how you can help, please visit our site here: Helping a Waggytail We do the best we can to rescue and help these animals that others have tossed aside but every single donation helps us do even more for these dogs.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Guest Post: More from Zoe!

First and foremost, Zoe would like to thank Amory, the little Pom who is always coming to the rescue for his Waggy friends. Amory and his former human mom are working hard to get donations for Zoe's care! Please help us help Zoe by donating at

Zoe is settling in just fine in her foster home and according to her foster mom, is a total bed dog. After spending too many nights in a cage at ACC, you can't really blame the girl for wanting some of those comforts that all dogs deserve! She is a completely love who just wants to give kisses and sleep in the bed.

Zoe's Awesome Before & After:

Yikes! Someone is seriously in need of a bath and a haircut!

That is MUCH better! Now you can see how cute I am!

How could anyone ever let that face needless suffer? Thankfully, she is in an awesome foster home and Waggy will make sure that she gets the care that she deserves!

Guest Post: Zoe the Yorkie (formerly known as Shelly)

**Please note that the some of the images in this post are graphic and may be somewhat disturbing. One of the tough parts of saving doggies is seeing these sorts of things, but their kisses and love are ALWAYS worth it!** 

Greetings from the Waggyverse! We have a new little friend who is in need of some serious medical care, as well as the standard TLC that all of our Waggys receive while they are with us. Poor Zoe was picked up from Animal Care & Control with two extremely large mammary masses that had clearly been neglected. Both of the lumps where ulcerated and infected but despite all of this, she was still extremely friendly, proof that dogs are just the most amazing creatures!

According to her amazing foster momma, Zoe is the so, so, so, so sweet, even though she has been through so much. She is doing great on the wee-wee pad and looks so much better after being washed and groomed. Isn't she just the most adorable thing ever?

As you can see, Zoe is in desperate need of medical care before she is adopted and it is going to cost a pretty penny, but it is always worth even cent! If you are able to, please consider helping defray the cost of her care by donating at Every little bit helps when we are trying to help these amazing animals.

[Pupdate: To give this amazing little girl a fresh start, her foster mom has named her Zoe. I think it's a great choice!]