Monday, March 21, 2011

Merlin’s big weekend

**UPDATE: Merlin has been ADOPTED!**

Ross and I had made plans months ago to be down in DC this weekend, so Mr. Merlin went and spend the weekend with another one of the fabulous Waggytail Fosters, Ryan, who so kind as to not take issue with us dropping him off at some ungodly hour of the morning on Saturday and picking him up late last night.  What can I say, we didn’t want to be without our foster baby!

She took wonderful care of him, spoiling him rotten during his whirlwind visit, and he is doing leaps and bounds better everyday. More and more of his fur is growing in and he is slowly but surely putting on some weight. Now all the awesome little guy needs is a permanent place to call home!

Today we have a busy day ahead of us. We’ll go to the pet store later today to see if we can’t maybe find him a better fitting harness and this afternoon we’ll be going to see Dr. G at Cooper Square Vet Hospital for a blood glucose test.

In the meantime, he has done a good job of making himself comfortable here.


While his favorite place to sleep is right up against his humans, when that isn’t possible he is quite fond of curling up in his bed.

That said, he really does prefer to be with people and a spot right next to you on the couch is always appreciated. (As to  why we have a black couch when we own two light-colored, high-shedding dogs of our own, well, that is why throw blankets exist!)

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