Monday, March 28, 2011

A few more things about Mr. Merlin

**UPDATE: Merlin has been ADOPTED!**

As he stays with us longer and his health improves, we are getting to know this guy better and better. One thing I cannot emphasize enough is how much he loves his walks. As soon as I get near his leash, he will run over towards the door and get all bouncy and happy and he's even learned how to navigate his way down the three steps in the lobby like a total pro. Seriously, you'd almost have no idea that his vision is impaired. I think that it will be really important for him to go to a home where his new family is committed to keeping up his walk schedule because it will reinforce his housebreaking (I'd say he is 99% housebroken) and he just gets so much joy from it that keeping him indoors all the time would make him very sad.

While his healthy is still improving, he is spending less and less time napping but does still enjoy some quality couch time and can be quite the sleepyhead. That said, as soon as he hears a sound in the kitchen or anyone at the door, he is up and away to check out what is going on and loves to get some playtime in with the dogs as well as his foster humans.

More than anything I just want to emphasize that he is a normal dog who just happens to need insulin twice a day. He is a typical terrier, intelligent and curious, who already knows basic commands plus will give you paw and even stand up on his legs for a treat or to be picked up. He can get a little grumpy when people when people try to take away his rawhides or when he is caught off-guard but I'm sure that this will go away as he learns that people are his friends and can be trusted. It just means that he'll needs lots of positive reinforcement and (the occasional) diabetic-friendly dog treat to help him along the way.

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