Saturday, June 11, 2011

Spanky Situation Update

Sailor Spanky has settled into his foster home and is doing very well.  Even with everything he has been through, he is so full of love and enjoys nothing more than being right up against his people and stealing Pringles from his foster dad. We have been encouraging his foster siblings to give him some space, since he is still in pretty fragile condition and needs to get his rest, but he is is very good with them and we cannot wait until he is doing better so that we can really get to know him!

Things have worked out in Spanky’s favor though and he will be getting the surgery that he needs to repair his injuries this Thursday! There has been an enormous outpouring of support for this little guy and his awful situation, so we want to thank everyone who has wished Spanky well and donated to his medical care. That said, he still has a long road to recovery up ahead and will need all of the help he can get. Since Waggy often takes the broken dogs, the ones that no one else will take, we definitely rack up the medical bills!

Please help Waggytail Rescue by going to our page and donating towards the care of these special dogs who are being given a second chance at having a most awesome life.


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