Monday, June 6, 2011

URGENT: Sailor Spanky of the USS Waggytail needs your help!

A lot has gone on in Flufflandia over the past month, but before I even begin to get into those (awesome and happy) events, I want to focus on the more urgent events that have occurred over the past 24 hours.

Meet Sailor Spanky of the USS Waggytail (formerly known as Buger)! This little man was brought to Waggy's attention because he was in need of a foster home where he could rest and recover from a possible fractured pelvis.  We were told that he wouldn't need any additional care - simply cage rest for about four weeks - and then he could go to his forever home.

Well, it wasn't until the Brooklyn ACC knew that we were on the way that we were informed that his condition might be a bit more serious. Sailor Spanks would need follow-up x-rays, since these hadn't been during the three days that he was at the ACC, even though it was evident that there may be a more serious problem that a possible simple fracture.

When I picked him up, he was handed to me in a box and the staff member knew next to nothing about his condition but we took him sight unseen because, well, I am a sucker and am simply not going to let a good dog hang around a place like that. Once we were in the car, I opened up the box and saw our little buddy for the first time. He was clearly very out of it from his medication, but happy to be out of the loud, scary shelter.

I also got a chance to see his injuries a bit better and saw that his left leg was swollen to about three times its normal size and that he had deep bruising extending from under his scrotum all the way down his left leg. Spanky was not in good shape and was not able to walk or stand. This was starting to look far more serious that a simple pelvic fracture. Yet, despite all of this, he remained sweet and trusting.

His shelter medical notes stated that he had been on pain medication and I (stupidly, I know) assumed that the bottle of medication I was given was more medication to manage his pain. It was only when I got home and had a chance to take a closer look and saw that the bottle I had been given was antibiotics and not the pain medication that this dog would desperately need. I could only assume that this was a mistake and either they gave me the wrong pills or forgot to also give me pain medication - either way, I was more than happy to go back to Brooklyn and get Spanky what he needed.

This is when the situation took a turn for the worse. I called and was informed that no, it was not a mistake, they just don't send pain meds home with dogs. Seriously? You discharge a dog with a possible fracture and severe bruising and swelling without anything to treat the pain? (Keep in mind that I am also not just someone walking in off the street, I am a foster with an approved rescue organization who has a long-standing relationship with the ACC.) To me this sort of treatment was simply inhumane and I was (and still am) extremely angry.

Think it couldn't get worse, right? Well, it does. Waggytail's fearless leader, Holly, then emailed the ACC to find out what exactly was going on. Obviously, this was a mistake and a big misunderstanding. The ACC confirmed, once again, that this was not a mistake and then started providing us with information about the extent of his injuries that we were not given either before picking him up or upon discharge. The poor dog has a fractured femur, in addition to his possible pelvis fracture, and the ACC then claimed that the only reason that they didn't do x-rays was because I was on my way to pick him up, even though they had already had him for three days! The one thing it did clearly state was that he was to continue on his prescribed pain meds - the same ones that the ACC refused to give me.

Now, believe it or not, it is even more complicated than everything above but at a certain point it just becomes entirely too ludicrous to contain in one single post. What matter is that Spanky is now safe and sound and will be seeing Waggy's vet in a matter of moments to actually determine the extent of his injuries and get the care and pain management that he deserves.

Getting scratches from his foster dad.

All this boy needs is some TLC.

He has even found a doggy friend in Maximus, the caretaker of Flufflandia, who shared his favorite toy with the newest house guest and then kept a watchful eye over his new friend.

Sailor Spanky is going to have a long road to recovery and his care will most definitely be expensive. Please, please, please donate to Spanks care by donating at Waggytail Rescue. This dog deserves to be treated humanely and get the care that he deserves!

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