Monday, June 13, 2011

Spanky Situation Extremely Urgent Once Again!

This poor little man just cannot seem to catch a break. His surgery was supposed to be scheduled for Thursday but with Dr. Stephanie Janeczko’s resignation from the ACC this morning, this is now up in the air. See, Dr. Janeczko was supposed to be helping us coordinate the surgery due to Brooklyn ACC’s serious failure to care for this dog. Now that she is gone there has been nothing but radio silence and no one is telling Waggy anything. Once again, Spanky has been let down by a system that was supposed to care for him.

Waggy is looking at some pretty serious medical bills, since the surgery alone will probably range from anywhere to $4,000 to $6,000, and he will have additional follow-up medical expenses but can you really say no to this face?


He has already been through so much and is a total trooper. Even with his injuries, nothing will keep him from loving on his people and the little guy loves nothing more than being on the couch next to his foster dad or curled up on the bed with his foster mom and siblings. Not once during this whole ordeal has he gotten grumpy or snapped at anyone. Can you imagine being in that much pain and still being unbelievably sweet to everyone around you?


Please help Spanky get the care that he needs and deserves. You can donate to Waggytail Rescue for his care.


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