Monday, March 5, 2012

Where have all the fluffies gone?

Well, they aren't actually gone but sometimes life gets in the way so I had to take a step back from fostering for a bit. That and my last foster became another permanent family member! Penelope (originally Kaitlin and then Lily) and Lola May bonded so closely that I didn't have the heart to separate them, so now we are a two chihuahua household. Well, technically a 1.5 chi household, seeing as how Penelope is half dachshund.

Penelope vacationing at Hunter Mountain
While this is not a personal blog by any means, I feel it important to mention that my living situation has changed. I am no longer with my fiance and he kept custody of two of our dogs. He kept Rhea, our happy-go-lucky spaniel mix, and he also kept Dexter as he was proving very difficult to place and has some aggression issues that would make him unsuitable for most homes. I have my pug mix, Maximus, who I brought to the relationship and the two little girls.

For right now, while I readjust, long-term fostering probably is not an ideal situation for the puppies or for me. It is important to know when to say no, despite how difficult that may be. I will be taking in a little guy, Kelvin, while his foster mom is on vacation. Kelvin is available for permanent adoption and if you are interested, please visit the Waggytail Rescue  website to submit an application.

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