Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our Latest (Super) Fluffy: Dexter!

Originally named Doodle, our latest Fluffy was a Waggytail return. He had shown some fear aggression issues with his new adopter and we decided that this was something that we wanted to take on. Sure, the easy dogs are wonderful. There is nothing like having a perfect little companion to join your gang, but we like a challenge. Plus, we know that these dogs are harder to adopt out and find foster homes for, so we are happy to work with them until they are ready to go to their new homes. To be able to see these dogs grow and transform is one of the most worthwhile things in the whole world.

Aren't I handsome?
We figured he needed a new moniker to go along with his new start at life, so we came up with Dexter because he is so handsome that he gets away with murder!  He did come with some serious fear aggression issues, particularly towards women, that we believe were a product of his past. His original owner had dropped him at ACC off at just 8 months old to be euthanized! One can only imagine how she had attempted to "train" the poor little guy. Our best guess is with a lot of abusive, negative punishment for him to lash out the way that he does. It is no wonder he was terrified and felt the need to defend himself.

I'm such a mean doggy. Now give me belly rubs.

He does wonderfully with Ross and while I'm gotten my fair share of scrapes, you'd think that Ross had been his best pal for years. The two of them just seem to be soul mates and he listens to his every word. He also absolutely loves playing with Maximus and Rhea and though he is very good with tiny Lola, she is not to fond of his puppy antics. He is wonderful about sharing his toys, has no food aggression issues and while he can get a little growly if you try to take away his rawhide, he will happily trade it for a tasty treat. He sleeps happily in his crate at night and does his business outside, rarely having an accident inside and he is also getting used to the idea of the wee-wee pads in case of a potty emergency.

Patiently waiting for my turn with the toy.

He is a wonderful little dog who just need to go to the right owner who will continue with lots of positive reinforcement, while not allowing him to exhibit aggressive behavior. Chances are that he will be with us for quite some time as he works out some of his issues but we have already seen so much improvement in just one short week! I think with just some TLC, lots of positive reinforcement and some consistency, he will be an amazing pet. That said, he does seem to do better with confident men and is more likely to lash out at women, especially if they seem nervous or tense around him.

We look forward to watching him grow and help him get over his fears and learn that no one is going to hurt him!

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