Saturday, July 23, 2011

Success Stories: Merlin!

Merlin was our very first foster and while it doesn't seem like that long ago, quite a few other dogs have come through here since then who we have to focus our energies on. That said, I want this blog to chronicle not just the hardships that these dogs endure and make them a "Personals" section for the pups, but I also want to showcase just how wonderful life can be for these dogs when they make it to their forever homes.

After everything Merlin had been through, it only seems fair that he ended up in the most perfect of homes for him. He is now known as Mr. Merlin Merlinsky Pupalupagus and is in a home with two human parents, their three adopted children and two cats. Talk about having hearts of gold!  Merlin always has someone to play and snuggle with. His foster mom, Elise, takes Merlin with him nearly everywhere he goes and since his vet is literally down the block, every once in a while he will go and hang out there too since Dr. G had taken such a shine to the little guy. I was lucky enough to run into the distinguished little man while there with one of our other fosters and he recognized my voice right away and ran across the waiting room and jumped in my lap. If that is not the ultimate reward for saving a dogs life, then I don't know what is.

Here are just a few pictures of the little man in his new home. His new mom is amazing about keeping us up to date and has even extended a very welcome helping hand to Waggytail when needed. If only there were more people like here in the world, it would certainly be a better place!

He has put on some poundage and is about about 16 lbs of love and as you can see, he is spoiled rotten and wants for nothing. Outcomes like this are why I foster.

Showing a new foster pup around town
Hanging out at the beach with his new family - what a life!

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