Sunday, July 24, 2011

Success Stories: Margot

Her Royal Majesty Margot came such a long way! From a scared pup who wanted nothing to do with people and spent the majority of her time hiding under the bed, to a beautiful little girl who actively sought out affection from people, Margot was a perfect example of what a little consistency and TLC can do for a frightened shelter dog. Yet, because of some of her quirks, there weren't too many people who were interested in making this shy little senior a part of their family.

Thankfully, Margot found her perfect home with a lovely couple in Manhattan who were already well-versed with rescue dogs, having adopted a senior Pom just two years ago by the name of Cookie. When we first met her new parents we could not have been more excited at what a perfect match they were for Margot and we were so glad when they chose to make her part of their family. Now Margot and Cookie spend their days going on long walks, going to the park and meeting and being adored by their human parents' friends. Finding these dogs their perfect families is what this is all about!

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