Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Welcome Jezzybelle!

As things often do in dog rescue, plans change at the last minute. A little chihuahua mix (I think she might be part rat terrier) came up and needed someone with some fostering experience and even though I had no intention of taking in a long-term pup, I cannot help but open my heart and my home to these animals in their time of need. So Kelvin is with one of our newest Waggy fosters, while I took in a dog from Animal Care and Control.

She came with the name Cookie (like so many others), so I renamed her Jezebel, which has quickly morphed into Jezzybelle. At just two years old, nine pounds and emaciated, she has some issues but they are nothing that cannot be cured with a few weeks of good food and a safe, secure, and loving environment. She is fear "aggressive" in that she'll growl and shriek when intimidated but if you give her space and let her warm up to you on her own, you'll find a loyal and loving little friend who won't leave your side. (She spends most of her time trying to get up on the couch for some quality snuggle time!)

Jezzy does need to learn some manners but she gets along with other dogs and has no resource guarding issues at all. She is a bit nervous walking outside and needs some work on her housebreaking but with patience and consistency, this smart girl will get it in no time at all. She would do best in a home with no children and some dog experience but I think that once she comes out of her shell, she will soon be the most popular pup on the block.

If you are interested in adopting Jezzybelle, please go to Waggytail Rescue to fill out an application!

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