Sunday, August 7, 2011

Casper the Southern Gentleman

Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures of Casper at this time, though we are working on that. Casper appears to be about a 1-2 year old 7 pound Chihuhua/Italian Greyhound mix who came from a hoarder in Tennessee and has been with us for about a week so far. He is the sweetest little thing, with a smile that will warm your heart and while he can be initially shy (though not the least bit fear aggressive and doesn't have a mean, grompy bone in his body), he warms up to people quickly and it is the most magical thing in the world. All he wants is snuggles and scratches!

Safe and happy after his long trip up from TN. Look at that smile!

Coming from a hoarding situation, he still has some housebreaking issues that he needs to work on though he is getting the hang of it with regular walks and will go potty as soon as he goes outside. He needs some work on his confidence as he gets frightened easily, but I think this is something that will easily resolve itself with some consistency and positive human interaction. He gets on great with dogs of all sizes and is wonderful with children. Because of his extremely timid nature, it will be very important that he receives lots of positive reinforcement for good behavior and is given a chance to become more confident.

Taking a happy nap. I love kids and kids love me!

He is still getting over a touch of a cold and we are working on showing the little guy that humans are his friends and that he is not going to get in trouble for eating a meal or taking a treat, so he will probably be up for adoption in about a week or two. He is crate trained - we had him share a crate with our pug mix the first few nights since he was used to be surrounded by so many dogs, but the past few nights he has done just fine on his own and he will let you know in the morning when he needs to go out for his walk.

Overall, I have to say that he is one of the sweetest, most loving and adorable dogs that I have ever come across and he will make a wonderful companion though would probably do best somewhere without too much commotion so that he can feel safe and secure.

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