Thursday, April 21, 2011

Meet (Her Majesty) Margot

**UPDATE: Margot has been ADOPTED!**

We have a new fluffy! I picked up little Miss Sassy Pants Margot on Tuesday at Manhattan ACC and she's adjusted quite well over the past couple of days. She is definitely a bit skittish but is quite content to curl up in her bed or put herself to sleep in her crate. After a week in a hectic shelter, you can't blame the lady for wanting a break from all of the chaos. We are giving her some space for now and letting her warm up to us on her own terms.

The first thing we did when we got her home was to tackle the nasty fur situation. She was in serious need of some dematting, so we broke out the brush and scissors and got to work.

Yikes! The poor girl must have been so uncomfortable with all of that nastiness stuck to her and tugging at her skin. She was also covered in dandruff and was clearly itchy so we gave her a bath some special itchy doggy skin shampoo and oatmeal conditioner. She was a real trooper and an absolute angel in the bathtub - she didn't seem to mind being bathed one bit.

That's better! Even after we cut out all of those tangles, she is still quite the fluff ball and now her coat is soft and shiny too. We'll probably take her to be professionally groomed this weekend or next so that she looks more like the regal girl that she is.

Margot seems to be housebroken and goes potty as soon as we get outside, though she is not a fan of putting on her harness or collar and will give you a bit of an attitude about it, so we are working on that. She is also a heavy girl and my guess is that she was on a steady diet of table scraps because she doesn't seem to be a fan of dog food (though she will eventually eat it when she realizes that no one is going out to pick up McDonald's for her!) She does get along just fine with our two dogs and is generally a sweet, though somewhat nervous girl who will need a bit of time to get used to her new environment and learn that people are her friends!

We need to schedule her spay surgery and a dental cleaning because her teeth are a little worse for the wear (again, probably from all of the table scraps) but once that is all taken care of, she will be ready to go to her forever home.

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  1. Awwww the cute little princess! You guys are going to love her into shape in no time :)