Saturday, April 30, 2011

Margot Pupdate

Little Miss Margot is settling into her foster home much more quickly than we ever expected and she is making so much progress every single day! She loves getting belly scratches and goes crazy for the Dogswell chicken treats. This regal lady is even learning that dog food isn't half bad and has gotten much less fussy at meal time. (Though that won't stop her from looking at you adoringly if you are eating a hot dog!)

She loves to play with her foster dad and has even made an attempt or two at playing with her foster sister. All of this in less than two weeks! Margot still has her nervous moments but they are fewer and farther between and she spends a lot less time hiding out and a lot more time hanging out with her foster family and exploring her home.  All she needed was love, patience and time and each day she shows us more of the wonderful dog that she is.

Margot also loves, loves, loves to go for long walks and as soon as her leash is clipped on, she can't wait to get out the door! She is a wonderful dog who just needs a permanent place to call home so that she can really settle in and shine!

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